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For more than 20 years ZyXEL has remained one of the world’s leading suppliers of networking products for various deployment requirements. It’s the first choice of many tier-one service providers, connecting more than 400,000 small- and medium-sized businesses, and upwards of 100 million end users around the globe.

We take a humanistic perspective in the development of our products and services: it’s not just the device but the heart with commitment that goes into it. Our products reflect our understanding that technology is only as good as it is useful to the people using it. Will it help people communicate more effectively? Will it help to improve their lives? These are questions well worth asking. That’s why in designing every ZyXEL product, we carefully consider its practicality, value, interoperability with current and future technology standards and systems, and ability to improve our customers’ lives through its application.

Supporting this approach, our company is driven by a spirit of innovation and a firm commitment to its partners and customers. ZyXEL embodies a strong passion for innovation which permeates every level of the organization, spurring perpetual innovation to meet the needs of a rapidly transforming networking industry.

This passion for innovation has led to a string of world firsts spanning all areas of Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity. From the creation of the world’s first integrated voice/fax modem to the world’s first Telco-grade IPv6 end-to-end solution, ZyXEL has been at the forefront of the Information Age since the debut of the Internet. From gateways, routers, switches, security solutions, and central office equipment as well as digital home enabled solutions, from fix to wireless; ZyXEL has offered exceptional reliability and quality across its entire product range since its founding in 1989. For more information, visit our website at


  • 01:34 Popular NBG5715 - Simultaneous Dual-Band Wireless N900 Media Router

    NBG5715 - Simultaneous Dual-Band Wireless N900 Media Router

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    Discover our latest router!

  • 05:03 Popular ZyXEL Green: Eco Friendly. We Do More.

    ZyXEL Green: Eco Friendly. We Do More.

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    As a green enterprise, ZyXEL presents a complete series of eco-friendly products, including Wireless Routers, Powerline, Network Storage Appliance and Switches. Integrated with rich green features, ZyXEL energy-saving products decrease power consumption t

  • 01:16 Popular ZyXEL IPC4605N 802.11n 720P Pan, Tilt, Zoom CloudEnabled IP Camera With Night Vision

    ZyXEL IPC4605N 802.11n 720P Pan, Tilt, Zoom CloudEnabled IP Camera With Night Vision

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    Link: True Accessibility The IPC4605N harnesses the power of the cloud to free you from the constraints of a traditional IP camera. There's no co

  • 01:04 Popular NSA320 2-Bay Storage Server

    NSA320 2-Bay Storage Server

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    Powerful HD Multimedia Streaming at Fingertips! Superior performance for simultaneous file transfers and multiple HD streams Up to 3x faster than our NSA221 Faster data backup with NTFS support Intuitive user interface integrated with media player zPilot™

  • 04:04 Popular How To Create A Home Network

    How To Create A Home Network

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    Create a network in your home using existing power lines. All you need to do is: •Connect the device you want to network to a HomePlug PLA407 HomePlug AV Adapter •Plug the adapter into an available power outlet •Repeat with other devices you want to add t

  • 02:44 Popular MWR211 En Espanol

    MWR211 En Espanol

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    El MWR211 de ZyXEL es su punto de acceso portátil. Llévelo donde quiera que vaya y fácilmente conectarse a Internet cuando lo desee.

  • 00:51 Popular PLA5205 - 600 Mbps Powerline Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

    PLA5205 - 600 Mbps Powerline Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

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  • 00:45 Popular Aerobeam Wireless HDTV

    Aerobeam Wireless HDTV

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    Transmit HD Video Wirelessly * Interference free 60 GHz technology * Transmit 1080p video and 7.1ch audio without lag or loss of quality * 4 HDMI input ports for multiple devices * Plug and Play, no configuration required * In-room range of up to 30 feet

  • 02:47 Popular Powerline Networking

    Powerline Networking

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    The simplest way to create a high-speed home network! Check out the 500Mbps powerline adapters from ZyXEL. Simply plug two or more powerline adapters into wall outlets, plug networkable devices such as routers, computers, game consoles, and storage server

  • 03:39 Popular MWR211


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    Use ZyXEL 's MWR211 to connect multiple devices to the Internet via your 3G modem anywhere you have wireless coverage. Attention road warriors, students, vacationers and everyone in general: ZyXEL's unique MWR211 Mobile Wireless Router is a palm-sized por

  • 01:36 Popular NSA325 Media Server

    NSA325 Media Server

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    Superior Media Server Brings HD Multimedia Enjoyment Everywhere - Superior performance powers multiple HD streaming - zMedia enables mobile media streaming and NSA configuration at home - Dropbox support offers remote backup and downloading everywhere - U

  • 03:59 Popular NSA210 Digital Media Server

    NSA210 Digital Media Server

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    The ultimate home media player, ZyXELs NSA210 i. Store and share photos, songs, and video clip within its 2 Terabyte capacity (drives not included). Its also able to perform your downloads that are scheduled when you're not home! The NSA210 can automatica

  • 02:28 Popular How To Create An Admin Account W/ A Wireless Router

    How To Create An Admin Account W/ A Wireless Router

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    A short video showing how to easily use Admin mode with a Qwest PK500Z wireless router.

  • 02:21 Popular WAP3205 Wireless Access Point

    WAP3205 Wireless Access Point

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    How to use ZyXEL's Wireless Access Point to extend your network.

  • 02:42 Popular Wireless N Hotspot Gateway

    Wireless N Hotspot Gateway

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    The ZyXEL N4100 is the latest WLAN Hotspot Gateway enables businesses to create new revenue streams, and retain and attract customers. It provides a fully flexible solution supporting the IEEE 802.11b/g/n wireless standards. 802.11n allows fast connectivi

  • 01:46 Popular NBG5715.wmv


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    The first true 450Mbps simultaneous dual band router. See a review on c|net

  • 01:05 Popular MWR102


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    On-the-Go Wireless Access The ZyXEL MWR102 is the perfect travel companion for anyone who needs fast, easy wireless internet access on the go. Designed with a portable form factor that easily fits into a pocket, a laptop case, or the palm of your hand, it

  • 03:59 Popular How To Do Application Forwarding On Your Qwest PK5000Z Wireless Router

    How To Do Application Forwarding On Your Qwest PK5000Z Wireless Router

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    A brief video showing how to set up your Qwest router to handle Application Forwarding.

  • 01:37 Popular How To Set Up Your Qwest PK5000Z To Work With Game Consoles

    How To Set Up Your Qwest PK5000Z To Work With Game Consoles

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    Easily enable your Qwest PK5000Z router to work with game consoles using UPnP. For a video on port forwarding, see

  • 22:47 Popular ZCNE Security Level 2 - Device High Availability Module

    ZCNE Security Level 2 - Device High Availability Module

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    This video discusses the Device High Availability VRRP hardware redundancy features of the ZyWALL/USG series.