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JD098B | HP Compatible 1000Base-BXU Tx1310nm/Rx1490nm 10km

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HP compatible X120 1G SFP LC BX 10-U Transceiver


HP Aruba Datasheets

HP Compatible Transceivers

Aruba 2530 Switch Series Datasheet (J9772A, J9773A, J9774A, J9778A, J9779A, J9780A, J9775A, J9776A, J9777A, J9781A, J9782A, J9783A, J9853A, J9854A, J9855A, J9856A, JL070A)

Aruba 2540 Switch Series Datasheet (JL354A, JL355A, JL356A, JL357A)

Aruba 2615 Switch Series Datasheet (J9565A)

Aruba 2620 Switch Series Datasheet (J9623A, J9624A, J9625A, J9626A, J9627A)

Aruba 2915 Switch Series Datasheet (J9562A)

Aruba 2920 Switch Series Datasheet (J9726A, J9727A, J9728A, J9729A, J9836A)

Aruba 2930F Switch Series Datasheet (JL253A, JL254A, JL255A, JL256A, JL258A, JL259A, JL260A, JL261A, JL262A)

Aruba 3800 Switch Series Datasheet ( J9573A, J9574A, J9575A, J9576A, J9585A, J9586A, J9587A, J9588A, J9584A)

Aruba 3810 Switch Series Datasheet (JL071A, JL072A, JL073A, JL074A, JL075A, JL076A, JL428A, JL429A, JL430A)

Aruba 5400R ZL2 Switch Series Datasheet (J9821A, J9822A, J9823A, J9824A, J9825A, , J9826A, J9868A, JL001A, JL002A, JL003A, , JL095A)

Aruba 7000 Series Mobility Controller Datasheet ( JW711A, JW688A, JY851A, JW712A, JW689A, JW713A)

Aruba S1500 Mobility Access Switch Datasheet

Aruba S2500 Mobility Access Switch Datasheet

Aruba S3500 Mobility Access Switch Datasheet


HP Enterprise Datasheet (HPE)

HP Compatible Transceivers

HPE 3100 EI Switch Series Datasheet (JG315B, JD318B, JD319B, JD320B, JD313B)

HPE 3100 SI Switch Series Datasheet (JG221A, JG222A, JG223A)

HPE 3600 EI Switch Series Datasheet (JG299B, JG300B, JG301C, JG302C, JG303B)

HPE 3600 SI Switch Series Datasheet (JG304B, JG305B, JG306C, JG307C)

HPE 5120 SI Switch Series Datasheet (JG309B, JG310B, JE072B, JE073B, JE074B, JG091B)

HPE 5130 EI switch Series Datasheet (JG932A, JG933A, JG934A, JG936A, JG937A, JG938A, JG939A, JG940A, JG941A)

HPE 5130 HI Switch Series Datasheet (JH323A, JH324A, JH325A, JH326A)

HPE 5500 EI Switch Series Datasheet (JD377A, JD375A, JD374A, JG240A, JG241A )

HPE 5500 HI Switch Series Datasheet (JG311A, JG312A, JG541A, JG542A, JG543A)

HPE 5510 HI Switch Series Datasheet (JH145A, JH146A, JH147A, JH148A, JH149A)

HPE 5820 Switch Series Datasheet (JC106B, JC102B, JG219B)

HPE 6600 Router Series Datasheet (JC178B, JC177B, JC496A)

HPE HSR6600 Router Series Datasheet (JG353A, JG354A)

HPE HSR6800 Router Series Datasheet (JG361B, JG362B, JG363B)

HPE MSR1000 Router Series Datasheet (JG875A, JG732A, JG732A)

HPE MSR2000 Router Series Datasheet (JG411A, JG734A, JG735A)

HPE MSR20-1x Series Datasheet (JD431A, JF239A, JF241A, JF807A, JF806A, JG209A, JF240A, JF808A, JG210A, JF237A, JF809A, JF236A, JF238A, JF817A)

HPE MSR3000 Router Series Datasheet (JG409A, JG409B, JG410A, JG406A, JG407A, JG408A, JG405A, JG404A)

HPE MSR4000 Router Series Datasheet (JG403A, JG402A)

HPE MSR95x Router Series Datasheet (JH373A, JH296A, JH297A, JH298A, JH299A, JH300A, JH301A)


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