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About me

This is the channel where Eli the Computer Guy out puts a constant stream of tech related content. From Question/Answers, to Reviews and Real World Issues.

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Submitted by Eli the computer guy

  • 34:27 Popular IXSystems FreeNAS Mini XL Review

    IXSystems FreeNAS Mini XL Review

    by eli Added 643 Views / Likes

    iX Systems FreeNAS Mini XL Review Mini XL is a Purpose Built NAS Server by iXSystems Competes with Synology, QNAP, Drobo, etc Small to Midsize business or for things such as video/ content creation FreeNAS? FreeNAS is an enterprise grade open source NAS o

  • 09:55 Popular Silicon Trailer - June 2016 (Ohiopyle PA, Luray VA, Gatlinburg TN)

    Silicon Trailer - June 2016 (Ohiopyle PA, Luray VA, Gatlinburg TN)

    by eli Added 553 Views / Likes

    In person meetings at 7pm at night. Please come with prepared questions! June 7-13 - Ohiopyle PA June 14-20 - Luray VA June 21-30 - Gatlinburg TN Schedule an appointment be emailing Eli AT **** SPONSORS: INE (Online IT Training): htt

  • 31:04 Popular IPhone SE Review

    IPhone SE Review

    by eli Added 486 Views / Likes

    iPhone SE Stats -A9 Processor -16GB / 64GB Storage -Touch ID -1136 x 640 4” Retina Screen -12 Mega Pixel / 4 K Camera -1.2 Mega Pixel / 720p Facetime Camera -802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, GPS -Apple Pay iPhone SE Positives -Size -Speed -Touch ID -Apple P

  • 05:01 Popular Find Me At

    Find Me At

    by eli Added 555 Views / Likes

    If you're missing seeing my fuzzy face check out my vlog channel at as I take you along on the adventure to South East Asia! **** SPONSORS: INE (Online IT Training): Bugcrowd (CrowdSourced Security): https:

  • 22:50 Popular MIMO Wireless Introduction

    MIMO Wireless Introduction

    by eli Added 918 Views / Likes

    MIMO Wireless Introduction Notes: What is MIMO Wireless -Multiple Antennae on a single access point Why Use MIMO -Increases Speed -Increases Reliability Problem with MIMO -??? None... How to Use MIMO -Buy Wireless Equipment With It -Generally No Configura

  • 46:24 Popular Network Convergence Introduction

    Network Convergence Introduction

    by eli Added 514 Views / Likes

    Network Convergence Introduction Notes: What Are Silo’s? -All types of systems use their own infrastructure What is Network Convergence -Breaking down silos -Ethernet - Cat5e/Cat6/802.11 -TCP/IP -Shared Services --DNS/ DHCP Convergence Planning -Network C

  • 32:53 Popular Edge Computing Introduction

    Edge Computing Introduction

    by eli Added 509 Views / Likes

    What is Edge Computing? Increases Speed Increases Reliability History Bandwidth Issues Hacking Issues Compliance Issues Random Issues Current Situation Bandwidth Issues Hacking Issues Compliance Issues Random Issues Why is Edge Computing Important? Reduce

  • 02:11 Popular Silicon Trailer Durham NC - March 23rd

    Silicon Trailer Durham NC - March 23rd

    by eli Added 601 Views / Likes

    I'll be in Durham NC creating content for INE the week of March 21st. If you'd like to get together for a Q/A Meetup at 7pm the 23rd just sign up here: **** SPONSORS: Bugcrowd (CrowdSourced Security): Plixer (Net

  • 56:53 Popular AWS (Amazon Web Services) Introduction

    AWS (Amazon Web Services) Introduction

    by eli Added 552 Views / Likes

    What is AWS? -IaaS -Compute -Storage -Networking -Database -DNS -Global Data Centers AWS vs. Linode/ Digital Ocean -IaaS vs. VPS Benefits of AWS -Highly Scalable -TCO is Generally Lower Than Private Infrastructure -Highly Reliable for Price Point -Central

  • 57:13 Popular AWS Storage Introduction

    AWS Storage Introduction

    by eli Added 585 Views / Likes

    What is AWS Storage -IaaS Cloud Storage S3 -Flexible Storage Buckets -Encryption -Versioning -Regions -Different Prices Based on Availability S3 Glacier -Version of S3 for Archiving -Very Cheap ($.007 per GB) -Slow CloudFront CDN -AWS Content Delivery Net

  • 01:16 Popular Introduction


    by eli Added 403 Views / Likes

    A brief introduction to Eli the Computer Guy YouTube Channel

  • 06:19 Popular If You Don't Have Time To Fix It Right The First Time...

    If You Don't Have Time To Fix It Right The First Time...

    by eli Added 420 Views / Likes

  • 09:52 Popular Rabbit Hole To Hell

    Rabbit Hole To Hell

    by eli Added 458 Views / Likes

  • 07:43 Popular Determining Your Labor Rate

    Determining Your Labor Rate

    by eli Added 556 Views / Likes

    We talk about how to decide how much to charge your clients for your labor.

  • 07:56 Popular What Is Good Enough?

    What Is Good Enough?

    by eli Added 1,785 Views / Likes

    We discuss why trying to do too much, or too good a job can actually be bad.

  • 09:47 Popular Upsell Or Die

    Upsell Or Die

    by eli Added 283 Views / Likes

    Learning to upsell is THE most important skill any small business owner should have. You can easily turn a $200 service call into a $2000-$10,000 if you're just willing to to tell your client what other possible products or services you can provide.

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