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Transition Networks, Product Manager Curt Carlson Demonstrates

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Curt Carlson will be demonstrating a couple of Transition Networks advanced features. The two features that Curt will be featuring in the following video demonstration are:

Link Pass Through - This is a troubleshooting feature that allows the media converter to monitor both the fiber and copper RX ports for loss of signal. In the event of a loss of RX signal on one media port, the converter will automatically disable the TX signal of the other media port, thus "passing through" the link loss.

•End device automatically notified of link loss
•Prevents loss of valuable data unknowingly
transmitted over invalid link

Automatic Link Restoration - Transition Networks converters will automatically re-establish link in all network conditions.

•No need to reset devices
Transition Networks' converters will automatically re-establish a link when connected to a switch, if link was lost. With many other manufacturers' converters the user must actually physically reset the converter to re-establish the link.

•Auto-Negotiation Enabled
Automatic Link Restoration allows the users to continue using Auto-Negotiation with Link Loss Notification features. This is significant, in that many products in the market today typically have a user disable Auto-Negotiation and hard set the link.

•Link Pass Through Activated in both directions
Automatic Link Restoration on Transition Networks' products allows users to continue using Link Loss Notification feature activated in both directions. Many competitive devices allow for Link Loss Notification activation in only one direction. If Link Loss feature is activated in both directions, competitive products are put in a "deadly embrace" and they cannot restore the link without resetting the converters.

With Transition Networks, you get advanced features like Link Pass Through and Automatic Link Restoration—developed to help get your network failures identified and resolved as quickly as possible.

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